KTG: Kossak Travel Grants for MFA and MA Students:

The Kossak Committee awards at least 4 travel grants to MFA students
each semester. Each grant is funded up to $3000 to enable the recipient to
travel to see works or locations, to engage in research, or to participate in
conferences important to the development of the individual’s work in or
related to painting. All MFA students in any area of concentration are
eligible and encouraged to apply. Two of these grants are intended for
competitive proposals from students who are just prior to entering their final
thesis exhibition semester, and two are intended for non-thesis students,
but the Kossak Committee prioritizes the awarding of those proposals that
make the best match between the student’s ongoing work and the travel
opportunity. Those receiving grants who are about to enter their thesis
semester must complete the travel before that semester actually begins,
during winter or summer breaks. The non-thesis MFA students who receive
the grant must complete their travel before the end of the following
semester. Starting in the spring of 2014, the Kossak Committee extended
the awards to include at least 2 travel grants per semester to MA Art History
students pursuing painting-centric research. Proposals from MA candidates
are evaluated and selected by Art History faculty who present them for
approval to the Kossak Committee. All those who have received these
grants, even those who have graduated, return to make a public
presentation to the Hunter community about their travel experience and the
early evidence of its effects on their work or research. In the last four and a
half years, 60 MFA and MA students have been awarded Kossak Travel
Grants to the following 28 countries: France, Italy, Spain, Brazil, South
Africa, USA, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lebanon, Norway, Japan,
Venezuela, Sweden, Belgium, Laos, Ireland, Bolivia, Argentina, Viet Nam,
Wales, Republic of Maldives, Hungary, Netherlands, Paraguay, Greece,
Cuba and Denmark.

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