KAR: Kossak Artist in Residence

In the Spring of 2015 Kossak partnered with The Artist’s Institute to bring Carolee Schneemann for a talk at 205 Hudson, a session with Kossak’s Tuesday at 10 session, and a field trip for students up to her studio in New Paltz, NY



This program began in the fall of 2014 with the Scottish artist Lucy McKenzie, again in collaboration with The Artist’s Institute, and is mainly intended to benefit MFA painters working at 205 Hudson. Independent of her exhibition and activities at The Artist’s Institute, Kossak programming with Lucy involved a major talk, a KPF Tuesdays at 10 session, a series of Wednesday morning discussions with MFA students and a painting seminar training MFA students in the decorative painting techniques that Lucy uses in her otherwise conceptually-based paintings. The latter two ran over a five-week period. 


The Kossak Committee has invited Gary Stephan to be our next Artist in Residence. And in fact, his actual residence and studio is just around the corner from 205 Hudson, where much of his interaction with MFA students will occur, bringing students into his own professional practice. Dates to be announced next semester.

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