KGPS: Kossak General Painting Supplies

This program spends $35,000 a year to subsidize all undergraduate
painting students with limited quantities of canvas, gesso, oil, and solvent.
These are basic necessities used in making paintings, and Kossak funding
supplies them in quantities that course fees alone cannot accomplish. 150
students in as many as 10 sections of beginning and advanced painting per
semester receive these supplies. Over recent years, Kossak funding has
replaced and expanded a departmental library of stretchers used by
students for their semester’s work at no cost. At semester’s end, students
return them to the rack room in the painting studios. These materials
provided by Kossak support cast the widest net in the spectrum of the
Kossak programs, insuring a proper introduction of the medium to the full
diversity of Hunter students interested in learning about painting, from their
first painting class forward. Those who rise in the department’s painting
program to the Kossak Painting Fellowship individual grants, to the BFA
Program or other honors are often given an initial boost from this source.
The Kossak General Painting Supplies Manager deals with the bulk of
these supplies in coordinating with painting faculty, ordering, storing and
distributing them to students — fulfilling a range of duties before and during
each semester and the summer session. Shawn Powell has been doing an
amazing job in this role for several years, a consuming one in both faculty
and student interaction. The stretchers purchased for student use, now
numbering 700 plus, are retained by the department, and are managed by
the Kossak Stretcher Librarian. This new role allows faculty and students to
adjust to the different needs of different course projects, ones that may
require small, medium or large sizes per project per course across the
term. Over a thousand paintings are made per semester by Hunter
undergraduates, at a level of pursuit impossible without the Kossak
General Painting Supplies program and those staffing it.

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