Kossak Summary of Programs

The Kossak Fund supports the advancement of painting in Hunter’s
curriculum. All the component programs have come about through the
cooperation of Committee, Department Chair, President Raab, and Hunter
Foundation leadership. All the initiatives have been initially discussed,
shaped and voted forward by the Kossak Committee of studio faculty, and
supported by the President and the Administration without fail. As Chair of
the Committee over the last few years, it has been extremely gratifying to
experience such harmony of purpose, effectiveness of implementation,
and most significantly, such total transformation of painting education at
Hunter. For students and faculty alike, the word “Kossak” signifies
excellence, opportunity, and professional ambition in art. For the
undergraduate students who have most benefitted from Kossak support,
the name signifies the best experience of their time at Hunter. If I could
summon a very willing thank you to Evelyn Kossak from all those grateful
for what this fund has come to mean, the sound would be deafening.
There are 4 main programs currently running under the Kossak banner,
built over the last few years. The programs target the production of
paintings, undergraduate and graduate grants to advance individual work,
support for visiting artists in short and longer runs, and MFA and MA travel
in pursuit of painting-centric research. We now have a website that will
carry a range of documentation as we stock the site and advance the

Drew Beattie, Program Director

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